About Me

Hey there! I'm this guy:

Will sitting on a rock in a forest

I'm a writer, artist, and engineer.

I’m equal parts technical problem-solver and creative explorer. I'm as fascinated by tools and techniques as I am with form and aesthetics.

I’m interested in personal development: introspection, life organization, and mental models.

I love sunsets, stupid jokes, and good books. In the wild you might find me kicking a soccer ball, laying in a hammock, or dancing at a concert.

I care about saving the Earth and creating a sustainable, equitable civilization.

Life is an adventure.

Check out what I'm up to now.

Other Details

  • Born and raised in Austin, Texas
  • B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from The University of Texas
  • Currently living in Denver, Colorado
  • Data Engineer
  • Skills: writing, design, programming (web development, scripting), 3D CAD (models, drawings, assemblies), general prototyping (basic carpentry and machining), public speaking, conversational Mandarin
  • Tools: Python, HTML, CSS, SolidWorks, SQL, JavaScript, FastAPI, Docker, Git