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  • This digital garden is built on top of my Obsidian note vault.
  • As the Obsidian application lives on top of local markdown files, I can import them right into the folder that my Eleventy site builds from
  • I run a Python script that:
    • Copies the whole vault for redundancy
    • Reads the YML frontmatter of each .md file
    • Copies all public: true notes to my site build directory
    • Parses all links, converting [[wiki]] links and removing links to any non-public notes
    • Generates backlinks for each note
  • Then just push my code and the site rebuilds

Future Features

  • Styling -- formatting is messy right now as I was focusing on the functionality. Time to clean it up! Going to remove the nav bar
  • Navigation -- not exactly sure yet--maybe some indexes, maybe some lists of notes that are good nodes/nexus points once i have a more interconnected web built
  • Add icons to signify writing status (seed / sprout / tree)
  • Try to find a similarly elegant way to signal epistemic confidence?
  • Some kind of limited graph view visualization? e.g. Obsidian graph view