What I'm Doing Now

Inspired by Derek Sivers' now page movement. Last updated 9/29/2023.


Always writing. Capturing thoughts. Speaking ideas out on twitter. Crafting essays (between drafts at the moment). Cultivating the notes in my digital garden. Journaling most days. Writing poetry.


I've been freestyling daily for around a year and a half now. I'm working on posting 100 freestyles in 2023 (currently at 79/100). I just began taking dance classes regularly again (right now, weekly house). I want to get better! Check out my freestyles on tiktok, or in this twitter thread.

Developing Willsite

I just published my redesigned website v2, which was primarily focused on improving the homepage to better introduce me and serve as a nexus for all of my different creative strands. I'm now working on refreshing the site content & copy. Next up is technical debt (implement sidenotes for /blog, refactor css, etc.). Then my goal is to build minimum viable versions of all planned wings of the site by the end of 2023 (/wiki, /sketchbook, /poetree). Visit the site about page for more detail.

Meeting People on the Internet

I'm about a year or so into really buying into the internet as a place to explore, to connect with people, and to find community. I'm talking to folks on twitter, joining creative circles, and looking for new friends and collaborators. Embracing being a digital native.


In my engineering career, I've found myself a little niche at the overlap of Data Engineering, DevOps, and Application Development. Writing a lot of python, creating CI/CD pipelines, containerizing apps with Docker, automating services, interacting with databases. I'm enjoying building tools and infrastructure with software. Currently learning more about web frameworks like DASH, React, and Vue.js.


I do my best to live a healthy lifestyle, as I've long since internalized that my daily routine is the primary driver of my happiness and energy levels. Sleeping regularly, taking morning sun walks (for that early light exposure), journaling, cooking. Exercise is another big one; in addition to dance I'm playing soccer regularly as always, with the occasional hike or backpacking adventure in the mix. Hoping to resume weightlifting sooner rather than later. The elephant in my lifestyle room is still passive consumption and attention sinking. I've made progress on this front, but still spend more time scrolling and watching than I aspire to.