What I'm Doing Now

Inspired by Derek Sivers' now page movement. Last updated 6/4/2024.


I'm going on 4 years of dancing "seriously" and keeping up a daily freestyle practice. I started posting dance videos to track my progress with my "100 freestyles in 2023" project, and I continue to post freestyles regularly (#175 and counting). For the last year I've been training in hip-hop, house, and popping and getting involved in my local street dance scene. I began battling this spring, and I've now competed in 3 battles. I find dancing deeply enjoyable and meaningful.


I'm always writing somewhere or another. Capturing random thoughts and fragments into my bulk text notes. Weaving bits of insight into my digital garden. Thinking out loud on twitter. Crafting essays when the right idea takes hold. Journaling every morning, sometimes. Pouring myself into little poems.

Developing This Site

This website is one of my primary ongoing projects and creations. It's been through several revisions as I figure out how I can best organize and present my work on the internet, and is recently settling into another stable design. I'm in the middle of some page creation and redefinition and reincarnation. The next major project planned for the site is /poetree.

On the Internet

I'm a couple of years or so into really buying into the internet as a place to explore, to connect with people, to find community, and to co-create. I'm talking to people, sharing my work, joining creative circles, and looking for new friends and potential collaborators. I see my creative journey as digitally native.


After studying mechanical engineering in university, I changed directions and started to code. I've now found myself a little niche at the overlap of data engineering, devops, and software development. I write a lot of python, create CI/CD pipelines, containerize applications with docker, automate services, interact with databases, and play in front and back-end web development.


I play soccer weekly. I take morning sun walks when I can manage the executive function. I enjoy hammocking, hiking, and backpacking in nature. I read a lot of science fiction and fantasy. I play board and video games. I listen to music. I take a lot of pictures of the sky. I spend time with my girlfriend, friends, and family. I find my way through the day, each day. I think about it all, I wonder how I'll turn out. I imagine, and imagine. I put one foot in front of the other.