i’m on an journey, an artistic quest of invention and discovery, an odyssey of wayfinding, a motley collection of escapades and explorations.

i came out of childhood thinking i was the type of person who was “left brained”, expecting that i would one day get an engineering job because that’s what one does.

i did get an engineering job, but along the way i had revelations, an identity crisis, and a lot of fun. i unpidgeonholed myself, i gave myself permission to be interested in music and art and dance and writing. i started to dream and scheme and believe in myself. why shouldn’t i create the life i want? so that’s what i’m trying to do.

i adopted creation as a core path. art is what moves me the most across mediums. that’s big. of course i should make art

movement is a core value and part of my person. my current focus is dance. i fell fully in love with dance after graduating college and am training eagerly. i’ve played soccer since i was three. i hike regularly and try to go on a backpacking trek at least once a year. i’ve swam, climbed, canoed, kayaked, skied, and trained in parkour.

right now i have two broad aims:

1. create an artist project | release an album of music along with music videos and other multimedia artifacts incorporating text, visuals, dance, and more

2. create a body of work that can one day support me fully

i have other goals and desires too...

- collaborate with incredible creatives in different fields

- create art that moves people the way my favorite art has moved me

- meet and befriend and connect with as many people as i can

- experience more of the world, more cultures and experiences

- explore more wilderness and nature

- evolve, fulfill the potential i sense in myself

- flourish, express myself, have a great time

life is an adventure