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Check out some of my playlists:

glimmers fluid | tantalizing light >>spotify electronic
molten fluid | heat in the dark >>spotify electronic
fluid fluid | smooth, vibrant and rich; a sea of soundwaves >>spotify electronic
raindrop fluid | melodic deep house >>spotify electronic house
groovy vibey groovy funky jams >>spotify groovy
Freestyle all genre dance playlist >>spotify dance


Books I've known and loved:

The Inner Game of Tennis Timothy Gallwey Excellent exploration of the “inner game” of flow and performance, told through the medium of tennis. So many good insights here, super relevant to my experience playing soccer and dancing. nonfiction
Blindsight Peter Watts This was some of the most gripping sci-fi I’ve ever read. Not too often that reading a book can be scary… vampires. Top notch stuff. (definitely read the “sidequel”, Echopraxia, after!) sci-fi
Awareness Anthony de Mello Collection of speaking by a Jesuit priest on awareness and engagement with the world. Incredible density of wisdom. First book I’ve ever wanted to reread before even finishing it. nonfiction
Aristoi Walter Jon Williams Some of the most original science fiction I’ve ever read. Set in an interplanetary society in the far future, members of the ruling class control wealth and nanotechnology and wield the fragments of their personality as helper agents sci-fi
Nexus Ramez Naam Book 1 of an excellent science fiction techno-thriller trilogy about a nanodrug that can connects the minds of its users. sci-fi